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01Built to last

Cadworks aims to be the most sustainable building in Scotland, and has not only been designed with the health and wellbeing of the occupier in mind, but is also focused on improving the wellbeing of the wider community.


With up to 95,000 sq ft of Grade A space across 10 floors, Cadworks offers occupiers an ideal location to attract and retain a positive and productive workforce.

Cadworks was the first project in Scotland to register for WiredScore, and is on track to achieve the highest Platinum certification for connectivity. The building is also targeting a BREEAM Excellent rating.

Cadworks floorplan
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02A responsible workplace

Car charging

100% of the car parking spaces at Cadworks are fitted with electric charging stations, the best provision in Glasgow.

Energy Meters

Smart metering throughout the building allows our tenants to check on their energy consumption and carbon production in real time.

Air conditioning & lighting

Cadworks features a collaborative air conditioning and ventilation system powered by Air Source Heat Pumps which are a Low / Zero Carbon Technology. The ventilation system utilises high efficiency thermal wheel energy recovery which extracts energy from the building and redistributes it.

Temperature and CO2 levels within the building are monitored and the air conditioning and ventilation systems react to maintain optimum levels of comfort whilst simultaneously reducing unnecessary energy usage.

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03A healthy, happy working environment

We spend 90% of our lives inside buildings and so it makes sense to ensure that our working environment supports our personal goals to lead healthy, fulfilling lives both in and out of the office.

Cadworks has been designed around the seven key tenets of the WELL Building Standard, to create a building that will not only enhance productivity, but also improve the health and happiness of occupiers.

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From saddle to seat

Featuring Scotland’s first ride in bike ramp, lockable cycle racks, showers, lockers and drying facilities, Cadworks supports initiatives to encourage cycling, making it easy and fun to ride around town.

A breath of fresh air

Cadworks features enhanced ventilation, with improved filtration and night time purging, ensuring a fresh working environment throughout the building.


Daylight is essential for human health and development and controls our circadian rhythms. As well as large floor to ceiling windows to maximise natural light, the lighting scheme at Cadworks has been designed to mirror natural light as far as possible, featuring daylight dimming to maximise visual comfort.


04Not just a place of work

With a number of welcoming communal spaces and breakout areas, ‘Cadworking’ is just one of the ways the building is designed to engender a sense of community amongst occupiers.

Online tools give occupiers the control required to make sure their business runs smoothly, that staff are productive and happy and that resources are used as efficiently as possible.

Social Impact

Cadworks and FORE Partnership, as owner, are committed to make a positive impact within the wider community. We partner with local social entrepreneurs to tackle some of the problems facing society and help them improve life for those most in need. For example, we are currently partnering with Soul Riders, a local social enterprise that takes donated bikes, refurbishes them and then distributes them back into the community to help some of the most isolated and vulnerable people in Glasgow. To find out more about the Soul Riders initiative, click here.