Building careers as we build offices

Building careers as we build offices

As we build Cadworks, we are mindful of the responsibility that comes with investing in our community.

A 96,000 sq ft office space doesn’t simply deliver new headquarters, it also brings jobs. Naturally, many of these are in construction, and as we remain very active on site, people are working hard, of course observing all the safety protocols we now need to follow.

However, the story doesn’t end there. As well as the construction teams you see every day, we have an extensive supply chain, covering everything from the steel and glass, to the paint, fixtures, fittings.

We have agents to let the building, marketing and communication advisors, photographers, surveyors, architects. We have lawyers, designers, administrators and engineers.

There are local shops too, those used by our teams every day – the local cafes, roll vans, newsagents. A large construction site brings enough people to fill such places out each morning, filtering through the community, putting down roots, not just literally but figuratively.

A site of the scale of Cadworks’ employs around 200 people on and off site, many of whom are based in Glasgow.

We do not take this lightly. We live in exceptionally challenging times and  livelihoods are a priority in a way that perhaps has not been the case for a generation. We get to know the people we work with better, people Glasgow born and bred, and people from further shores. People from many nations and backgrounds are putting their hard work into creating a building so green that it proudly aims to be the most sustainable in Scotland. A building that will become a landmark, one for people to be proud of.

We pass tall buildings every day and sometimes the scale of the endeavour can be lost; it’s easy to forget just how many people it takes to create a new silhouette on the skyline. Cadworks represents FORE’s £30 million commitment into Glasgow, and we are proud to remain on site even in these difficult times.

We will continue to work hard to create meaningful and sustainable employment in Glasgow, particularly at a time when this is so much needed. We will work to the completion of Cadworks and beyond, so that everyone, from site managers to scaffolders to surveyors, can look up, and think “I’m part of that.”