Great expectations (of sustainable, cost effective workspace)

Great expectations (of sustainable, cost effective workspace)

With many of us beginning to think about returning to the workplace after having worked from home for so long, it’s fair to say that things have changed since we were last in the office.

As much as businesses themselves have taken this time to immerse themselves in creating office environments that are both safe and enticing, their employees have also had a year to think about what they actually want and need from a workplace.

Of course, ‘Covid security’ is high on employees’ agendas, but if this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we have an enormous opportunity to change how we live and work and create more meaningful environments for both.  Meaning that it’s highly likely that when employees return to the workplace, they’ll be looking for much more than good lighting and a spacious entrance foyer.

For companies moving to newbuild offices – whether to create appealing headquarters for their staff and clients or to recalibrate the amount of space they need – often the space is let as ‘off the peg’.  Ready to move into, created to a fixed set of developer specifications.

Which is all well and good, but what if the developer’s dream is not your own?  What if your business wants to create a space that reflects your brand values, ethos, ethics, and vision?

In this case, the temptation is often to rip it up and start again.  To remove what has been installed by the developer, all the floors, ceilings, and lighting, in order to create your own vision.  However, this is not only expensive, but potentially very wasteful, with all the materials already in situ ending up in landfill.  This compounds an existing problem: something like 17% of all materials delivered to construction sites across the UK never actually get used and are simply thrown out. 

At Cadworks, we leave the vision to our tenants, offering fully flexible spaces in shell and floor condition to our occupiers. By keeping fitout options flexible, we make it less expensive to move in, and easier for occupiers to meet ESG requirements by reducing and minimising waste and overall costs.  Cadworks is fully flexible to fit out. We deliver a blank canvas so that occupiers can be at their most creative and design space that works best for them and their employees in this new era of work.

With office occupational styles rapidly changing as a result of Covid, occupiers can be agile and fleet of foot when it comes to adapting fitout design as the acute phase of the pandemic diminishes and the long-term impact on the office of the future plays out.

At Cadworks, we dream the building, but we leave you to dream the space.